Monday, December 31, 2007

Sayonara 2007, Dozo 2008

It’s 31 December 2007! How time flies pass. Tomorrow is a whole new year! I just can’t believe it. Felt like it was just yesterday I graduated from UiTM in 2006. Now I’m already a lecturer for a year. I’m still reeling from the feeling of it all.

New year, new resolution, people say. But I’ve never been the resolution kind of person. I never really had an organized new year resolution like what other people had. I want to diet, I want to control my budget, I want to get married.. that sort of resolution. It’s like I don’t believe in all of that. For me, if it happens, it happens. I just tried to make sure that my future is not in total jeopardy and I’m not a nuisance to other people. That’s good enough for me.

There are many things that we have to say goodbye to as the year opens to a new one. All the happy and sad memories. As for me, 2007 has been quite a year. Many things had happened and some of it is life changing. This year, I started to become a full grown up. After finishing my studies, I got myself a job and I believe that is one of my life’s defining moment. It’s not easy being a grown up and have your own big responsibilities and I’ll always mark this year as the start of it all. Many obstacles had to be overcome for me to be where I am now. This year has been good to me to sum it up. I’ve learned a total lot over just one year. From somewhat still a young adult searching for her path in life, I think I’ve grown wiser. I had to thank people around me for helping me get over the year. I can never go through it just by myself. The fear of starting a whole new world seems so little because of these ‘angelic’ people.

The people who had started with me into the working world, Kak Na, Nidana, Shikin and Hanis were the key ones this year. I owed so much to every one of them. When I felt depressed at work they were always there to help. No amount of thanks would be enough for them. Next year, I will lose the company of Shikin and Nidana. Kak Na was the earliest one to go from here but then she’s always around so it never felt like she really is gone. On the other hand, I will miss Shikin and Dana. They’re all going to KL which is far away! Machang will never be the same again. Shikin is like the ‘sunshine’ of my work place (can’t believe I’m writing this down!). Imagine not having sunshine?? Dana is like my ‘adult confidante’ where I can to talk to her and got the wise response of an.. well.. adult! I’ll definitely miss them both. Just wishing that they’ll be successful in everything they do. There are many other people who helped me go through it all. Haji, Kak Zee, Wei Ying Wennie, Lena.. those are few names. Couldn’t thank them enough.

My family has also been most important to me this year. They played all the major roles in shaping me up. My parents have always been there. They put up with everything I am and never showed any sign that they will stop. My siblings were always supportive since day one. I’m sorry for always stealing the attention of my parents from them this year.

Allah has given me blessings that I don’t think I deserved. Allah has been merciful for this particular servant of his. This year has seen me being showered with never ending happiness and joy. I pray to Allah that the new year will bring equal joy if not more.

Very well then. The sum of my 2007. I wish I could write more but I don’t want to sound braggier than I do now. Welcome to the new year. I wish everybody would have a happy and prosperous new year. Amin.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sex and The City

I just finished watching Sex and The City. Yes, I know I’m like the last person on earth who had finished watching Sex and The City. But I can’t help it. I’ve watch all of the episodes like years before but I just can’t bear to watch the last two episodes! It’s just so depressing. I love the series so much that I can’t bear to watch it ends. I’ve been dying to know whether I will like the ending or not but just can’t bring myself to see it. I finally had the courage to do so tonight. There was nothing else to do and the condition is good enough for me to be able to enjoy the last episodes. Another major reason why I ended my agony is because now I can expect another part of Sex and The City. The movie! It won’t be here soon enough but it’ll be out anyways so I can just anticipate that! =) I just LOVE the episodes. I think Pat (the creator) was such a genius. He has to be! I LOVE him for coming up with the series. There are so many reasons why you can love Sex and The City. It has everything a girl could ask for. Fashion, Love, Romance, Friendship, Humor, Security.. well, everything! All rolled into one brilliant program. Don’t you just think it’s superb? I always feel happy when I watch Sex and The City. The girls are all different in their own ways but I just love every single one of them. My favorite episodes would be Charlotte’s wedding and the episode where they went for the holiday together. It’s always nice to see the friendship being portrayed in Sex and The City. It just makes you feel like hugging your friends and say how much they mean to you! =) The least favorite would of course be when Carrie breaks up with Aidan. I love Aidan and Carrie! I don’t really adore Big. But then the story wouldn’t be as interesting wouldn’t it? The character I love most would be Charlotte. I absofuckinglutely LOVE Charlotte! I wish I’m her! She’s very elegant and sweet and sophisticated. She’s not as playful as Carrie, not as serious as Miranda and absolutely not as horny as Samantha. I love Charlotte! Sex and The City just rawks! It has definitely set a new standard for TV programmes. It’s a cult! Anyways, that’s it for me on Sex and The City. Just for the record I like the ending! Everybody has finally found their ‘personal legend’. And I’m a total sucker for happy endings! Wish mine would be one! =)

Four Weddings and One Emotional Breakdown

It’s the school holiday and kenduris are taking over the whole nation! This is the season where you’ll be bombarded with wedding cards and invitatons be it via snail mail, SMS or even a public announcement through Friendster, Myspace etc.. It’s the technology being used to it’s full potential.. huhu.. I myself have been invited to many weddings this season. It’s quite new to me actually. Before this, I only see my parents getting all those prettynlooking and sweet smelling cards. Now, it’s my turn! It seems that everybody is getting married already! Altogether, there were four major wedding I’ve been to this school holidays. All of them are my collegues wedding.

First, there was the Nidana-Farihan wedding. Now, Nidana is not only a collegue but she’s one of my close friends. I’ve been anticipating her wedding since beginning of the year! This wedding was a really sweet affair. I’ve known Nidana for years as her classmates during degree and gradually have also to some extent known Farihan. They made a really sweet couple. Like the Malay saying ‘sama cantik sama padan’. The wedding day was simple and sweet. None of the traditional draggy-over-the-top wedding can be seen there, much to my relief! We all went there wearing pink so as to show our support as friends of the bride. It was very nice indeed. The pictures was all very gorgeous. Both the bride and groom really looked stunning that day! To Nidana and Farihan: I wish you all the best for your future! You guys are really lucky to find each other! May you get all the little ones soon enough! Dana, I’m soo going to miss you! =)

Secondly, there was the Omar-Fatiha wedding. Well, as for this couple, both of them are my collegues! I’ve known Omar first. A man of a few words actually. He’s one of the closest male collegue here in Machang. Fatiha on the other hand have been here only a few months before but I found her stunningly beautiful and sweet. Apparently their love affair started earlier before I got to know any one of them. They’re one of the sweetest and nicest couple I’ve ever got to know. The wedding day was very cheerful. I’m so happy for the both of them. The food was also superb!

Then, there was the Siti Aswani-Arif wedding. Siti is a collegue of mine. Not to mention one of my friend, Aizuddin’s sister. I only knew this quite not so long ago. I didn’t really know the groom but I think he’s a very nice person. The wedding was very grand and big. There was so many people and big names who attended the wedding. The ‘pelamin’ was very pretty. The tents and tables to! I managed to meet up Aizuddin after years! Siti and her husband are a perfect match!

Lastly, there was the Azra-Kiey wedding. The most recent wedding I attended. It was very nice! Azra is an ex-collegue. She’s now working as a teacher in Langkawi. It’s been long since I’ve hung-out with Azra. The wedding however was a chance for me to catch up with her a little. She looked very beautiful in her purple wedding dress. I didn’t get to see the husband closely but from afar they’re totally compatible! Wish I could’ve hung out at the wedding more but had to get back. Anyways, absolutely adore the wedding!

Now, coming to te emotional breakdown part. Haha.. a bit over dramatic actually. Nothing much. Just the depression I start to feel each time talking to my mother bout the weddings, she’s been asking me about my future state of wedding readiness! Arghhh! The inevitable part which I dreaded the most. I wish it can be easy for me like it’s been for everybody else. But what to do. Sigh. =p

Well, for the newlyweds, I wish only the best for all of you. Selamat Melangkah ke Alam Baru! It’s a really big step to take so be wise and calm for every decision. Hopeful that I’ll be seeing the minis soon enough! (which no doubt will take me to another emo breakdown! Haha)


Conscience. A recent event inspired me to write about this. A few days back, I’ve been imposed with a conscience dilemma. I knew that something is quite wrong and some people are clearly being mistreated. Justice is not served. It makes me ponder. What is the line that we are willing to cross in the name of conscience? Are we brave enough? Will our good intention of trying to stand by conscience and voice out our concern of the injustice happening slap us back? What is in risk here?
My parents tried all they can to make me be ignorant as possible. They were always trying to stir me away from conscience saying that I should not get myself into other people’s business. Just mind your own business. Just shut up. I know they’re not getting anywhere. After all, it’s embedded in my genes. My father never got the post he deserves at work because of conscience. My mother is always not in ease because of conscience. They are trying to make me learn from their mistake but just like them I can never let conscience be.
I know that my conscience will get the better part of me. I will be clouded with the delusion that it’s my call to try and set things sraight. I can not bear to see or to hear that people around are being served wrongly and some people who really don’t deserve it are enjoying what should not have been thiers in the first place. I will then do something that will make me to some extent regret and feel bad about. I will open my big mouth in the name of conscience and things would get worse.
Don’t ask me why. It always happen that way. I try to set things straight because I think it’s wrong and in the end it would be better if I only shut up and do nothing about it. Things just got worse. Nobody will back you up. You’ll pay because you’re going against something higher. This is what happen when we stand by conscience. No wonder our world is getting sicker by the minute. Nobody wants to stand by conscience anymore. It’s like an epidemic. People are afraid of it. They are afraid that their job, their life, their family, their money will be in jeopardy if they embrace conscience. In the end, because we don’t want to take the risk, the wrong will just slip by. It’s getting to be our culture.
We’re teaching our young ones to be ignorant. To be selfish so as not to offend ‘people’. We’re practically saying that if it does not happen to us, it’s okay. It’s their fate that bad things happen to them. Not because some people think that they’re better and everything they do are then justified. Nobody must question them. From litle things and litle wrongs, we proceed to bigger actions. When are we going to realise that the effects of this will in the end affect us anyways? I can only pray it will be soon enough.
It’s easy to say that "I have conscience somewhere in me, the others don’t. It’s their fault". The hard part is where we put our conscience into action. The sense of right and wrong is important. If it’s wrong, then it’s wrong. Do something about it.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Confessions of an Economic Hitman

Another book that I had read recently. 'Confessions of an Economic Hitman'. The title itself had made it very interesting for me to start reading. Now, that's the thing with me and the word 'confessions'. =p The nosy part of me is just eager to know the happenings of other people's inner parts.. Doesn't matter if it is just the confessions of a simple shopgirl, a mafia or even a president. I'll be bound to dig in..
In this case, it's the confessions of an economic hitman. 'Economic Hitman'? I've never heard of it before either. I think the author can just 'coin' this one under his name. By the way, the author's name is John Perkin. This book is about how Mr. Perkin got involved in becoming the 'hitman' that he was.
It started off quite innocently I think. He graduated from business school, got married to a woman he loved and made friends with an Iranian general's son. Later on, the NSA (National security Agency) came into the picture and Mr. Perkin then dive in into the world of economy. As sick as it gets.

To cut things short, in the book the author gave out the details of his work which is cheating countries (especially poor ones) around the globe out of billions of dollars.. These 'hitmen' use all sorts of ways to cheat.. women, power, extortion.. You name it..
It's very alarming actually to be reading the book and see how the 'hitmen' operate around the world but it seems like there is nothing that can be done to stop it. It is the new kind of 'imperialism'.The more subtle one although the outcome would be more devastating and ugly. I mean, countries are being cheated under the word 'development'. I'm no economic major or anything but i do know that every contry wants to be 'developed' and has a stable economy. This just made it worse

Are we willing to risk our country for the sake of development? The imperialist are not coming at us head on for war on battlefields anymore. No blood or killing will be seen openly like years ago but now they are more quiet and discreet. They come under very unharmful even helping names to 'help' the country.. Yet, many more people will die. Silently and more slowly..
How then?

Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Beginning

hi there for whoever reading.. i just started to do this blog thingy.. dunno how i will fare off.. haha.. i think it's quite interesting to be able to write about what you're thinking.. and it would be better if somebody could read it and share their opinion with you.. so.. hopeful in starting something interesting here.. (^_^)