Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Of Football and Boys

I just got back from class. Today a student of mine did his public speaking. His topic was football. He managed to deliver his speech quite smoothly and at the end of the presentation, he asked if the audience would like to ask him any question about football. He was very confident and said that he would be able to answer any question from football clubs' information, to the players right down to each of the players' jersies. I then asked him a question. "You seem to know a lot about football. Do you play football often? I mean the 'real' football?" He suddenly looked embarrased and admitted that he does not play football.
Well that's the problem with boys nowadays. They know everything about football but they may not even know the feeling of wearing football shoes. What a pity. They're no different than girls who like football. Boys just don't want to sweat and get dirty nowadays. I have brothers and they too rarely play the sport. The comfort of playing it in front of the computer is much more appreciated.
My point in writing this? Just to share my opinion. Sometimes I'm annoyed with boys who fought over which football club is better, which player is better, girls are not supposed to like football.. yada.. yada.. when in truth they themselves are only pretenders. Especially Man U fans. The 'poyo's. (^_^)
***Frustrated with the last result. Liverpool-Chelsea (2-0)! Damn!