Monday, May 26, 2008

Ideal World

In an ideal world, Chelsea should still be celebrating now. In an ideal world Cech saved every kick from the devils. In an ideal world, JT should be beaming instead of crying. In an ideal world, Chelsea never buys Nicholas Anelka. In an ideal world, Shevchenko played like he played for AC Milan. In an ideal world, Mourinho and Abramovich are best of friends. In an ideal world, Mourinho is still the manager. But now, in a less-ideal world, I'll have to settle with Grant being sacked! (^_^)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Rock You Like A Hurricane

Have you ever wondered how hurricanes got their names? I always do. Somehow, the hurricanes always got names of people like Katrina, Nargis, Andrew..etc.. Yes, Nargis was actually a name of a very popular Hindi artist around the 1950's and 60's, so I read from the newspapers.
Hurricanes can be devastating. No doubt about it. It bring sadness whenever it pass by. Such is the power of God through nature. Usually there are more than one hurricane in each year. I did a little research and found some information about how hurricanes got their names.
There is actually a committee being set up to name these hurricanes. This commitee is under the World Meteorological Organization. There are lists created for different parts of the world like the Atlantic, Central North pacific and Western North Pacific. In each of the lists, countries in the region usually contribute the names. For examples, in the Western North Pacific, our country Malaysia contributed names like Mawar (It hit the Philipines, I think), Sepat and Jelawat (names of fish), and other countries like Thailand contributes the names Durian, Hanuman and Chaba.
The lists usually will be used according to a 6 year rotation period but it may be changed. However, if a hurricane caused a massive death or costly number, the name that is being used will be omitted from the list. For example the name 'Katrina' that is being used for the hurricane that hit USA in 2005. This name is a 'retired' name in the list and would not be used again.
Well, I managed to get roughly that bit of information on the naming of hurricanes. You can read it for yourselves more about this on these websites.


Just be THANKFUL, people! (^_^)

Monday, May 12, 2008


Teacher: Ok students, now that we finished marking the exercise let me know your marks. Who got all correct?? Raise up you hand..
~Show of hands
Teacher: Owh very good John, Jane and Frank.. How about you Kim? what did you get?
Kim: 15 upon 20 teacher.
Teacher: That's quite good..and you Julia?
Julia: 11
T: Hmm.. Julia try your best ok? the test is coming soon..
~Julia shrug and grinned
Teacher: And how about you Rose?
Rose: Twenty
Teacher: Owh that's very good Rose! Why didn't you raise up your hand before? You got full marks.
Rose: No teacher.. I got Twenteen.. One.. Two.. (fingers show one and two)
~ Dead silence
T: Rose, there's no twenteen.. one. two. is TWELVE
~Class erupted into laughter.. Teacher led out a big sigh.. and the test was coming nearer..

Current Issues

*** Huhu.. there's a silly mistake that I made for this entry actually. Nargis hit Myanmar actually not Vietnam. My bad.. Thanks for the highlight Shikin! (^_^)

Today I have the luxury to be reading through the newspaper without any interruption. The internet connection is excellent and nobody is around at the office so I can read peacefully (I can't focus on two things happening at the same time) Well, from what I've read, I think these reports from THE STAR are interesting:

a) The government will allocate RM725mil to subsidize the import of rice to help maintain the retail price and ease the burden for us consumers. I think that's timely considering the ever increasing prices of not only our main staple but also everything else.. haih.. In relation to this rice issue, last few days, I went for lunch at our cafe and it's quite dissappointing to see that they used a different type of rice which I'm sure of a lower grade.. The rice tasted weird and it's like eating pulut with 'Tom Yam' (what I ordered that day).. huhu.. Can't really blame the cafe owner since I guess they want to maintain the price without doing any damage to their bussiness though I think it's better to pay a bit more than being served with umm.. pulut rice?

b) Urge for the government to make the report on Lingam's case public. Yes, I myself want to know what the investigation come up with. I mean it's quite interesting to know whether it's true or not that the appointing of judges in Malaysia had been tampered with.

c) There's a spy squad in MCA! I mean a real one. It's really not confirmed yet but from what I read it seems like there was a spy squad allegedly being set up by the president of the party to identify political opponents.. err.. is it Ok to be writing about this..? well you can read more of this here.

d) Mr Karpal Sigh statements regarding the Sultans.. Hmm.. Yes, I know that it's his personal opinion but I guess it's better if he can go directly to the right source if he has issues about the Royal Majesties and talk about it behind close doors. It's a sensitive issue, this.

e) The earthquake in China. It's quite big. 7.8 in Richter scale. Many people died. Devastating. Poor people and this is not a few days after Nargis hit Vietnam. Many people died there to.. haih.. I guess we're approaching the end of the world. Many catastrophe are happening all over the world..

d) Nicol David won at the British Open. Way to go! (^_^) I've always been a big fan of hers. Our Thomas Cup team also won against Korea in Indonesia. Good for them though it's quite shocking to read about the Korean plan to actually lose to Malaysia due to their strategic planning in light with the new format. Well, soothing news anyways to nurse my broken heart because Chelsea did not get the cup in the EPL.. huhu..

I guess that's all.. (^_^)

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Been tagged by Miss Tya.. Huhu.. so here it goes..

1) Bookaholic
2) Not into multi-tasking (^_^)
3) Living with my parents
4) A big fan of CHELSEA
5) Hate shopping
6) Totally into food. Live to eat!
7) Seriously serious person.. haha

1) Being left alone
2) New places
3) Losing my loved ones
4) Ghost stories and movies
5) Being hated by people around (same Tya! =p)
6) My parents being angry with me
7) Death (err.. bekalan not enuff)

1) The Way I Are- Timbaland
2) 4 Mins- Madonna & J.T
3) Mospeada- Hujan
4) No Air- Jordin Sparks & Chris B
5) She- Groove Coverage
6) Kerja LaLaLa- Meet Uncle Hussain
7) Thousand Miles- Vannessa Carlton

1) Breathe- January 1983
2) Entered school-1990
3) Major high-stakes exam-1995
4) Got a job upon completion of studies- 2007
5) Read a book- 1988
6) Got a brother-1984
7) Entered University-2001

1) Tya can i tag u back?
2) Hanef
3) Wanie
4) Dana
5) Cat
6) Amir
7) You!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Fresh Look

It's been long since I last posted anything. Much because I don't really have the pleasure of time to be spent. I decided to get a new look for my blog. I think it's quite nice. I don't know what the rest of you would think. However, it came with somedisadvantages because now I cant edit the colours, can't add any other extra column.. etc.. well but I guess you win some, you lose some..(^_^)
Life had been hectic with finishing assignments and at the same time trying to make sure that my students were well prepared for their final exam. It's been a whirlwind affair last few weeks. Luckily it's over now ~phew.. Though I suspect that my grades would not bring me proud moments later on.. huhu..
Now, The students are all off for their term holiday for almost 3 months! The final exam is almost over, leaving only a few late papers to be covered. I've finished marking all my students final exam and I must say that they did quite well. Just hopeful that they don't abandone their English altogether during their hols! =p
Since the students are gone, we the lecturers here are left with pretty much nothing to do =p Am not really sure whether it is a good thing or not.. ehek.. However, I am determined to use these few free months as beneficial as possible ~wink Well, also hoping to post more entries for my dear blog here.. (Hopefully)