Sunday, October 19, 2008


Recently, I finished reading a book entitled “The Adultery Diet” by Eva Cassady. It was about a family woman who went on a rigorous diet to get in shape before she met an old lover after years of not contacting each other. The book was OK for me. It was presented in a simple manner and I think most of the readers can relate to the protagonist’s struggle in achieving her target.
I say so because, well, how many of us who has failed in our quest to diet. Whatever your reason is, (be it to look better or for your health), how many of you really did achieve that target? How many of you followed your diet plan religiously? I know I always fail. Not that I really have a diet plan in the first place.

I do admit that I’m quite ‘heavy’ these past two years compared to my uni days. After getting a job and having my own money to spend instead of scrimping up on PTPTN and parents’ allowance, there ‘s nothing to stop me from eating. To say that most of my salary went to buying food and hanging out with friends (with food involved, no less) is not a proud moment for me.

To quote Eva in ‘The Adultery Diet’, “... You need something stronger than creme brulee, more seductive than chocolate, more powerful than hunger itself... something has to be eating at you.” In her case, it was the fact that she was desperate to ensure that her old lover sees her just as pretty and desirable as she had been when they first met. Well, I wish I have the same kind of motivation to. I mean not the lover part but a strong motivation to stop my desire to eat and get my butt off to start exercising. Any suggestion?