Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I have been called upon to post this entry particularly to express my total objection towards Holland's politician Geert Wilders. He is very rude in offending the Muslims with his short film -F I T N A. His Islamophobia attitude has sparked anger among the Islamic countries. I totally detest his absurd acts. Thus, I am hoping that we Muslims and people even from other religions who love peace and harmony to unite and show our objection towards Holland for allowing such hatred to be openly displayed. Let us all put our hands together and boycott Holland's products. Here is a list of Hollands product that we should boycott:

-Ferrero Rocher chocolate
-Dove Shampoo
-Rexona deodorant
-Fair & Lovely
-Dutch Lady Products (milk)
-Cadbury chocolate
-Walls ice-cream (huhu..)
-Shell fuel
-Planta margerine
-Lipton tea
For a full list please visit PPIM's (PersatuanPenggunaIslamMalaysia) website at http://www.muslimconsumer.org.my/. May all our efforts be accepted by the Almighty.