Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Heart-rending News

*** Hi peeps! Sorry for the long silence.. anyways, I just want to inform everybody who read this blog about the condition of Nik Mazrina aka Baby. Alhamdulillah, she had gone through with the operation and seems to be recovering nicely. Her baby is also OK and hopefully it is healthy. Just pray for her ya?
It has been forever since I last updated. I’m seriously considering terminating my blog account. I just do not have the motivation to write. I know this is like the umpteenth time I’ve said this. Bear with me will you?

There’s not much been happening that’s worth mentioning, really. I’m quite busy doing nothing at work. I’ve installed games in my laptop and since I only write my blog entries at home, I never got the chance. I’m trying to finish Sally’s Spa right now. Not to mention having to take turns to play the games with my brothers and sisters. No private time to pour my thoughts out. Yeah, excuses, excuses.

Anyways, this entry is actually to inform everyone about a friend of mine, namely Nik Mazrina a.k.a Baby as most of her friends know her. She is now in hospital because of a blood clot in her brain. It breaks my heart really to be writing about this. It just happened one day when she was in her workplace and suddenly she can’t move her whole body. Taken to the hospital, the doctor diagnosed her to have a brain tumor. Further examination revealed that she has a blood clot in the brain that affected the motor system of her body. Half of her body is now almost paralysed.

The saddest part of it all is that she is now 4 months pregnant. It was a shock to everyone of us. Just a few entries past I wrote about going to her wedding with Eme and Ina. It was such a joyful occasion and she was one very happy bride at that time. Looking at her smiling face in the picture makes me want to cry. I’ve visited her and she’s putting a very brave front for everybody.

Thus, it is my utmost wish for everybody who reads this blog of mine to pray for her and her baby. Let us hope that they both will be safe and be with us for years to come. My heart also goes for her husband, Nik Kamal and her family. They will have to be strong to support Baby and take this as a test for their faith on Allah almighty.