Thursday, July 2, 2009

Once In A Blue Moon

Talk about once in a blue moon ya?? I know that I'm not the most hardworking blogger when it comes to updating. Hehe.. However, this entry here is to tell everyone that I'm still alive and kicking. Life's been hectic.. not! The thing is I was just lazing around playing Mafia Wars and Pet Society on Facebook I just dont have the mood to write. Plus with all my siblings at home I find it hard to concentrate in writing. They are going back to their colleges soon and I know I'm definitely going to miss them terribly..

By the way, a humongous congrats is in order for my dear friend Nidana and her husband Farihan for the birth of their own little princess who is yet to be named. I saw the pictures and the baby is soooooo cute and cuddly. Lucky Dana is faraway or else I'll be kidnapping the little angel. Hehe..

Next week the new semester will be starting. New faces to be taught, new antics to be tolerated. I wish everythin would go on smoothly especially with the masters degree and Ramadhan all rolled into one giant madness. Huhu.. Wish me luck everyone.. Am going to need it.

I guess that's all for now. I'm going to go back to Mafia War.. heheh