Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My Birthday!

Today is my BIRTHDAY! (^_^) It's my 25th birthday actually.. How times flies by! I'm now like a quater of a century! I feel like half a century actually.. =p Everything is very hectic nowadays and time is something that is very precious to me. iIdon't really remembered that today is suppposed to be my birthday. I retired to bed early last night and woke up in the middle of night suddenly. Felt around the bed for my handphone to look at the time and was shocked to see so many unread messages! All kinds of thoughts ran through my mind (birthday wishes were far from them in fact.. huhu) about what happened..
As soon as I read the first mesage, a smile spread across my face because then it was a relief! All were birthday wishes from my dearest friends and families who never fail to remember my birthday every year. I'm so touched by all the warm wishes where most of it hopes that this year would be filled with happiness for me.
All the messages made me feel so very lucky to be celebrating another birthday eventhough that means I'm getting older! At least I know that I have people who love me around to keep reminding me of my own birthday! (not really good at remembering dates)
Well, I want to take the opportunity to convey my deepest thanks to everyone who sent me all the birthday wishes via sms, phone calls, friendster, myspace.. etc.. I'm still receiving messages so also thanx in advance. I LOVE U ALL! God bless.

p/s: My father wished me a Happy Birthday. He thought it's my 24th.. Cant believe his daughter is already 25! (^_^)

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Blogs Worth Reading

As you can see, I recently added two links to my blogs. The two links are links to rantingsbymm- Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir’s blog and another one to niamah- Patrick Teoh’s blog. These two blogs are my favourite ones apart from my friends’ blog. I always read them every now and then. They provide insights for the going-ons of the country.

Marina (the daughter of our ex-Prime Minister) is usually unbiased and provides her opinions on topics without prejudice. That is what I love most about her blog. Besides, she is always writing about the current topics worth mentioning in Malaysia. Her ‘brutal’ comments on the political leaders are also worth reading. I guess you HAVE to be the ex-Prime Minister’s daughter to be able to say all those things to the important people and get away with it. (=p)

I adore Patrick’s writing because of its negativity. It seems that he can find fault with everything! That’s what makes it so interesting. I always wanted to know what he thinks about certain issues happening in Malaysia for example who he is pissed off at, what he thinks should be done, who needs to win the election.. Those sorts of thing. I know that he cares much about the country and thus always tries to find flaws so that we can try and deal with it. Besides, he is not Malay and I like to hear a non-Bumi’s comments on stuffs.

Well then, if you have the time, do check out these blogs. They’re worth reading and you can even join in the informal discussions on the subjects when you comment on their blog entry. Anyways, hope they’ll write more (^_^)