Sunday, August 16, 2009


Hi Peeps! Haven't heard from most of you for a while now. I totally miss everyone! I still have not overcome my laziness to write syndrome. Nevertheless, the laziness to do my mounting assignments surpassed my laziness to write. So here I am trying to come up with something decent enough to publish.

Let's recap what have been happening..

We're moving towards the end of another semester of the Masters degree. This semester it's phonetics and modern English. I really think Phonetics is the 'math' of language studies. There's no need to go into detail on my inability to grasp mathematical concepts. Suffice to say phonetics is killing me this semester. At least there's only the final exam left to go through. Modern English, despite the course name is dry and boring. I so prefer sociolinguistics and SLA.
One of my hommies got married on the 1st of August. She's one my dearest friend and I am very happy for her. Ahmad her husband is very nice and friendly and now has become one my friends to. The wedding was very nice. All the hardwork preparing for it paid off. I wish both of them the best of luck and happily ever after. I don't have the pictures but will update later. They used fresh flowers from Cameron Highland for the wedding. so it's something to fuss over.
I wish I can go to KL. Meet all the friends and catch a few movies. I missed many of the movies that I want to watch. Especially Harry Potter. Haih..
Anyways, next week Ramadhan Al-Mubarak will visit us again. Can't wait! (^_^) I've always Ramadhan. This month is magical to me. I always feel extra safe in Ramadhan. Don't know why. Hope this Ramadhan I can gain a lot of pahala.. I wish all of y friends and those reading an early Ramadhan Mubarak wish. May Allah blesses us all this month. Till then people, take good care!


Anonymous said...

Ain!!!! missing u too! lets wtch harry potter!ont worry kalau dah habis kat wayang! i dah download the movie! can even send u the dvd to ur doorstep!

nak ke?

love u lots and good luck for your masters! u buat kat kota bharu kampus ye? UPM right?

FdausAmad said...

Gua nak ajak lu lepak lepak nlog gua.Rilek rilek.

Lein Nazir said...
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Lein Nazir said...

Lepak?hmmm yela tu?i wonder when is the miracle goin to happen